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The benefits of using a Chartered Accountant

Anyone can set up an accountancy practice, regardless of whether they have specialist experience, technical skills, qualifications or professional indemnity insurance. Although providers of some services – such as audit, insolvency, investment business and probate – must be authorised, this is not the case with many other accountancy and taxation services

So, if you are seeking specialist advice and services related to matters such as these, it is important to select a professional you can trust. You want to be reassured that they have the necessary education, experience and qualifications (see professional services), to provide high quality independent advice and services – after all, you would not go to an unqualified or unregulated doctor for medical advice or an unqualified or unregulated solicitor for legal advice.

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Why use CP Waites

CP Waites provide all of the traditional services of a firm of chartered accountants.

We do it well, we do it accurately and we make sure that clients fulfil all of their financial obligations.

But what else can we offer in today’s ever changing world?

With his years of experience and detailed knowledge of business, Nick, along with others in his team, can add value to your business by challenging the way you operate your business which can lead to increased profitability, reduce the time spent working in your business or simply give you a better quality of life.

CP Waites are not just accountants we are business advisers who want to help you.


CP Waites App

The CP Waites App will enable you to calculate the tax on certain company cars or check the amount of tax you might be paying. It will give you the power to check Stamp Duty costs or see how you might increase your profits as a business.

You can also browse the library of tax tables, giving you the very latest tax rates 24/7 whenever you need them. From National Insurance and Inheritance tax to Income Tax and Tax Credits – it’s there for you.





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